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The Most Popular and Best Selling Models

Don’t see a model you like here? Browse the full catalog and corresponding price list.
All models are modular and expandable. To place an order, for help designing the perfect Rainbow for your backyard, or any other questions please contact or visit our showroom.

16A – Rainbow Castle Pkg.2

Regular Price $7,999     
Install $470
Sale $4,199

Rainbow Clubhouse Popular

Regular Price $7,999      
Install $450
Sale $3,999

9B – Circus Castle Pkg.2 Popular

Regular Price $5,599    
Install $410
Sale $2,999

29B – Circus Clubhouse Pkg.2 Popular

Regular Price $5,599    
Install $410
Sale $2,999

9D – Circus Castle Pkg.3 Loaded

Regular Price $7,499    
Install $460
Sale $3,999

30F – Circus Club Pkg.5 Fantastic

Regular Price $11,899  
 Install $610
Sale $6,399

25B King Kong Super Castle Pkg.2

Regular Price $11,999     
Install $650
Sale $6,399

45B King Kong Club
w/ 360 Degree Spiral

Regular Price $18,199     
Install $950
Sale $9,699

27H King Kong Castle Grand Slam

Regular Price $22,999     
Install $1,000
Sale $12,699

43H Monster Club Huck Hideout

Regular Price $18,999     
Install $850
Sale $9,999